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Pharmaceutical grade nutraceutical.  That means no fishy taste or bad breath.  Enterically coated to disolve where it counts; the lower intestine for best absorption.  Omega-3's facilitate better heart/cardiovascular function, naturally combate high choseterol, provide energy, promotes brain health relieves joint and muscle aches and help the oil glands in your eyelids produce quality oils that give fast relief of dry eye disease, improved contact lens comfort.  All scientifically validated, doctor approved.  

EZ Tears Dry Eye Vitamin take by mounth twice a day

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$39.95 Regular Price
$36.95Sale Price
    • Rapid Relief - 30-Day Dry Eye Relief.
    • Improved Contact Lens Comfort.
    • 9 Soothing Ingredients Including Highly Purified Omega-3s, Turmeric, Primrose, and Green Tea Extract.
    • Scientifically-Validated. Doctor Recommended Brand (55 million+ doses consumed).
    • Promotes Eye, Heart, Joint, Muscle, Cardiovascular, and Brain Health
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