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 ABOUT Dry Eye Disease (D.E.D.)  


There are many types of Dry Eye Disease, some with mild to no symptoms that patients shrug off as spending too much time on computers/technology devices.  Other forms of Dry eye Disease cause constant redness, irritation and a feeling like something is constantly in the eye (trash like or sand like feeling in the eyes).  More severe forms lead to pain, blurred vision and light sensitivity.  Certain medications, enviroments and even body dyfunctions can be the route cause of constant dryness.  

Do Eye Drops Cure Dry Eyes?


Generally there are two reasons your eyes feel dry.  One may be due to lack of vital oil release from your eye lids.  Everytime you blink (about 8000blinks a day) oil is released from about 40 glands located in your upper and lower eye lids (called Meibomian glands).  If these glands are clogged, or the oil released is not 'clean' oil, your natural tears, will evaporate very quickly resulting in your eyelid literally rubbing on your eye-8000 times a day!  This can create extreme soreness, redness and irritation.  Eye Drops only treat the symptoms of your dryness and are temporary relieve.  If you lose Meibomian glands, dryness worsens, and eye drops may not work well for you in time.

Prescription strength eye drops such as Cequoa, Restasis or Xiidra help with patients who have good oil gland production but are not producing enough tears.  Most patients need to be on this medication indefinitely to provide relief from dry eyes.

What Do you mean by Treat the Disease, not the Symptom?


If you suffer from blocked glands, and you are unware your dryness is coming from lack of oils being excreated, you glands (only have about 40 of them for life) will die.  This results in zero oils.  At some point with no oils to prevent even the artificial tears from eye drops, the eye drop tears/moisture will evaporate quickly as well (oil, after all, floats on water/tears to prevent fast evaporation).  By treating the blocked glands, we provide longevity and natural correction your dryness. 








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