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Dry Eye Disease. We Treat the cause
not the symptoms.
Holestic Natural Approach

Many medications, environment of oil gland dysfunctions are the root of chronic dry eye disease.  Our approach is a detailed history of everything you do during the day, to full medical history to studying your blink rate to determine the type of dry eye disease you have.  Not all forms of dry eye are the same, and certainly not all treatment choices are the same for each patient.



Dry Eye Disease treatment is in itself a specialty in eye health and vision care.  Many hours of continued education and clinical training help our clinicians understand the latest in dry eye therapies, treatments and procedures to create a pro-active preventative measure for best health and vision optimization.


Treatments can be expensive, however with interest free payment plans, and many methods of payments including insurance, we make your personalized treatment regimen optimal for immediate relief today, and well into the future.

Chicago Dry Eye Center of Excellence
Dr. S. Steven Chander


Dry Eye Disease is a "multifactorial" (many different causes) disease that usually starts mild with itchy red, scratchy eyes.  Eye drops seem to fix the problem for a few hours, and the long term cause just keeps getting worse until painful blurry, irritated eyes start to become intolerable.  At the Chicago Dry Eye Center of Excellence, we specialize in treatment of the disease, not treatment of the symptoms.  Many holistic elements of treatment help to optimize longevity of your eye health and vision.  Stop in today for a complimentary dry eye consultation.

"I was carrying around a zip lock bag full of different eyedrops that never seemed to really help.  Dr. Chander indentified blocked oil glands in my eye lids that some of the eye drops I was given worsened! Today my vision is clearer eyes refreshed, I sent all my friends and family to learn about dry eye treatment and dry eye prevvention" -M. Street, Chicago
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